Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween!

this is our first halloween as married folks. hence the finery:

oh, and casey had his 30th birthday extravaganza! it was c-themed in honour of his caseyness and we had a lot of fun.

p.s. can you guess what we are? perhaps more information might be helpful/neat/aren't you jealous of our fabulous sense of theatricality?

Friday, October 29, 2010

our awesome wedding coordinator talks about us!

and we love it when she does that! our best wedding coordinator in the world, nancy park of so happi together, said the nicest things about Casey and I, our engagement shoot, our wedding trailer and our awesome vendors. we are so happy with how everything turned out and so thankful for everyone's hard work! check out her blog- especially the part about us!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

our wedding trailer is online!

hi guys! take a look at our awesomeness that happens to be rendered in a form known to you as a trailer:

hope you enjoy it as much as we have!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

we're back!

and we had so much fun in hawaii! we were lucky enough to visit maui and o'ahu for two glorious weeks. things we liked included but-were-not-limited-to:

the sunshine/warm weather




tahitian dancers/dancing/grass tutus

new zealand

crazy delicious pineapple marshmallows

things we did not enjoy so much for various reasons:
the average speed limit on the islands was 35 FREAKING MILES AN HOUR

hiking in and then back out of a huge volcano who's ground consistency resembles that of a beach

getting caught in sudden downpours (split decision on this one- can you guess which of us liked it?)

having to stay hydrated all the time due to the heat

so there you have it. the good outweighed the bad, obviously. and to finish this post, i give you comatose kittehs from o'ahu:

Friday, August 20, 2010

as promised...

our engagment shoot was published! *cue wild applause*

green wedding shoes did a great feature on our engagement shoot, so check it out!

we had such a fun time dressing up and running around Dorton's, which had all those great costumes and props!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

yeah, so that just happenend

so, people, we are married. ten years of knowing each other. nine years of dating. two years of engagement-goodness. all finally resulting in us getting married. we know, it felt like this too:

we're off to our honeymoon in hawaii, but i promise to post a bunch of good stuff that happened in the weeks pre-wedding. soon. you know, in between swimming with dolphins and hiking into volcanoes.

also / p.s. / *squeal*: our engagement shoot is getting published online! we'll show you all of that awesomeness as soon as it goes up. and it was some awesomness, believe you me. and casey. and brandon. and kristin. and nancy.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

and the award for most interesting reply goes to...

this guy:

dear person who sent this:

1. thank you for the heartfelt reply
2. the line in which you so carefully wrote 'sorry' is actually where you're supposed to put your name
3. we still don't know who you are, seeing that you didn't put a return address on the envelope either
4. we're 'sorry' you can't attend either

so. you can shoot either casey or me an email so that we know who you are, if you'd like. seeing that you aren't coming to the wedding, it might not be that big of a deal.

and in closing, thank you, interesting responder, for giving us a smile.


janine and casey