Wednesday, February 17, 2010

omg shoes!

so. shoes have been presenting a tiny problem in that i want purple shoes. a certain shade of purple, with some bling on it and not giant heels, since casey and i are almost the same height and i will not tower over my own husband-to-be on our wedding day. that's not to say that i don't have trouble walking in heels over 3 inches. because i do.

case-in-point: excellent colour, but the 4-inch heels = deal breaker

the moms has been diligently searching for shoes for me, with some mixed results. some shoes were too high, some were fuzzy (i will not wear fuzzy shoes if i can help it. also, the wedding is in august), and some were just not the right colour. colour seemed to be the biggest factor, as i am picky in my choices of purple, as mentioned above. the closest we've gotten to finding the shoes are these babies from nine west:

super cute, right? not crazy about the colour, though. and since i haven't seen them in person, can make no guesses on how i'd be able to handle the 3 3/4" heel. also didn't want to wear heels that tall, as you already know.

so. major dilemma here. that is, until janel and i decided to walk to a nearby bridesmaid dress store that we promptly walked out of (she refused to try on any ANY! of the dresses, despite the fact they looked like they were designed for cracked-out high schoolers trolling the streets) and right past this vintage store. upset with our futile efforts of dress shopping, we walked inside upon where we discovered MY FREAKING SHOES:

(personal rad photo)

yeah we saw those and i thought, 'oh they won't be my size'. GUESS WHAT!?!

done and done. purchased by the best moh evar, janel!

omg shoes

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

important PSA!!

We have less than six months to go, people!

ok, it's not that bad. hey, it's even fun.

that cat is cute, though, huh?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

save-the-dates are coming soon...

so that means it's time for a hint! (anyone detecting a theme with this current round of posts, yet?)

feast your eyes upon one tiny bit of save-the-date that may or may not be printed this weekend, depending on time/energy/alcohol:

pretty, n'est-ce pas?

so yes, it's gears and anyone who is a family member or close friend will be aware that gears are a predominant theme in our wedding. and yes, purple also makes a big splash too. but, dear reader, don't think that the square shape is a hint, because it is not!

disregard squares!
(really in all aspects of life)

Friday, February 5, 2010

i have a dress...but i can't show it to you.

so for some reason in the WIC (that's the wedding industry complex to you noobs), the bride just cannot go parading her dress for all the world to see. as my uncle puts it, "it has to be surprise". he was adamant that no one see the dress, even in pictures, especially not casey. (that did not work out, btw, and he likes the dress which is probably the most important thing about it.)

anyway. about this "surprise": 1. this is silly. 2. people ask if i have bought a dress yet and i say yes. then they ask what it looks like. why describe it when i can whip out a photo of it? 3. my whole wedding party already knows about the dress i chose, since half of them were there with me and the other half i sent the link to. 4. i will be wearing said secret dress before the wedding. casey and about half of the guests will be seeing me before the wedding. surprise nullified.

it doesn't matter one bit to me whether everyone and their cousin's boyfriend's puppy knows the dress i'm going to wear for the wedding. because there is a difference between seeing it and then seeing it on me, all done up, surrounded by the awesomeness of our venues and flowers and stuff.

a couple of friends have asked me about my dress, but then asked me to "not describe it too well, because they want to be surprised on the wedding day". *delicate cough* does that seem weird to anyone else out there? *crickets* also, how do i do that?

ok perhaps it's just me. but, to buck tradition just enough to prove i don't subscribe to the WIC without actually pissing anyone off, allow me to throw at you a sneak peek of the dress:

consider this to be it until the wedding, peeps!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

we live to document stuff... that meant we spent a long and arduous journey to find our awesome photographer and videographers. because they had to be just right to our discerning and film-school-degreed eyes. if you can imagine, it went something like this:

yeah, so the battle was epic, as you might imagine from the illustration above. but don't fret, dear reader, our journey was successful, and we returned victorious, procuring some wonderful and talented people for our wedding.


so who is this conjurer with a camera? it is Brandon Kidd, of Brandon Kidd Photography and he is magic, people. go to his website, or his blog and experience the spellbinding nature of his work. plus: he is nice. like super nice and i imagine that we'll have great fun running around being silly on our wedding day. plus, he hooked us up with our fab coordinator, Nancy, who will get her own post at some point before we're married.

ok, one more:this may or may not have been the photo that sealed the deal for me. would you look at that freakin' light!?!?

so okay. we have a kick-ass photographer. now we need an equally awesome videographer to match him...


what's that you say? oh, here, try another one...huh, it's still grainy and slightly out of focus? well, that's because it was shot in Super8mm film! that's right people, no need to adjust your television set because this is not from the 70s. (acutally, it's straight out of awesometown. don't believe me? go here.)

the lovely people behind these two cool shots that i snagged from their site is Modern8Films, or Ted and Alanna, as they are individually referred. anyways, we love them and we love 8mm film so they were a perfect match. run, don't walk to their website and watch all that grainy goodness unfold.

so. a tired casey and janine finally booked them both for our wedding and they are ours now and we are happy. we are less happy about things like flowers or shoes, but i suspect we'll get over that soon.