Wednesday, June 23, 2010

what to do with the kiddies

it must be a red-letter week since you're getting two posts from me!

anywho, with regards to those nifty rsvp cards that you will be forwarding to casa wedding AND if you have children: just add the little ones on the name line but do not choose an entree for them as they will be getting a kids dinner. i believe it's chicken nuggets or something equally as appealling to the young'uns.

also! i know it's tempting, but if you are over the age of fifteen, you may not choose chicken nuggets as your meal, no matter how delicious smooshy mysterious chicken parts deep-fried in oil sounds to you. i'm talking to you, orion. must choose from the big boy menu, mmmkay?

we have had a steady trickle of rsvp envelopes find their way to us already, so keep it up, people! rah rah and all that! i might share with you that one of us squeals like a twelve year-old girl in the presence of rpatz whenever an envelope shows up in our mailbox. it may or may not be casey. i'm just sayin'.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Important PSA!! (number two)

hi all! it's been a while but i swear i have a good reason this time: invitations!! that's right, by now, most of you have received your invitations in the mail and while they weren't the juggernaut of the save-the-dates by any stretch of the imagination, they still took up a big chunk of my time.

but i digress. it's time for the psa part of our talk.

it has come to my attention that the post office finds our rsvp envelope stamp a wee bit hard to make out. as a result, some of them are being returned to sender. casey and i think it's because the numbers are a little too close together, resulting in a confusing glob. so. i implore you, dear wedding guest, to take a gander over the rsvp envelope and decide if it may or may not get to me in the mail. the address number should be 465 and the apartment number should read 102. if those seem unclear, would you do us the tinest of favours and either go over it with a label or find some way to make it legible? kthanxbye.

if you do send it and are worried if it made it to wedding central over here, then please email me to make sure.

and more posts to come. promise!