Wednesday, July 21, 2010

so projects are fun...

except when you have to share your workspace with a messy janel. behold the evidence(!):

and in comparison, here is the workspace of a more well-organized person. like me, for instance:

i might add here (pun intended), that probably i'm working with 30% of the table. note my poor mouse had to live on the laptop when not in use. janel, janel's elbow and her fluff slowly increased in volume as the day went on, p.s. now i'm not a mathematician, or even an expert in the breeding practices of feathers, but i'm sure that is a) not fair and b) not possible since feathers can't multiply. unless janel is a witch. in that case, burn the witch! (a joke, people. i'm not actually advocating burning janel alive.)

so anyway. projects going well. stuff getting done. three weeks or so to go until the wedding. yay wedding!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

guess what today is?

well, first of all/very important: it's bastille day, so yay france; allons enfants de la patrie! le jour de gloir est arrive!

second of all: we have a month to go until the wedding.

!!! commencing freak out in 3...2...1 !!!

BUT third of all, today will also go into the history books for this:

it's our wedding certificate! today we went to the courthouse in beverly hills and they handed us a piece of paper stating that we can get married! yipee!

Monday, July 12, 2010

just a little reminder...

...that all rsvp's are due by this friday! we've only received about half the rsvps people! again, make sure that the addresses are legible on the front- you may have sent the card, but it might not have reached us over here at wedding central!

and by the by, thanks to those who are writing such sweet notes on the cards- we love getting them!

and to entertain the masses, here is a picture of abject drinking during the recent 4th of july:

Friday, July 2, 2010

this is a post about hats

~we interrupt some boring wedding technical stuff with something more decidedly fun~

now you might be thinking, what does a post about hats belong in a wedding blog? well, the answer to that is, i was thinking that it'd be pretty neat to wear a hat to my wedding. not just any hat, mind you, but a fabulous and obviously elegant TOP HAT!


yeah, that was pretty much the reaction i got from the few people with which i have shared this little guilty secret of mine. but no matter, i was determined to at least try a hat to see if this whole experiment was going to work. i dutifully searched my go-to website for weird, and stumbled upon these beauties:

(couldn't find source)


these hats are beyond cool. i had to have them, but not so much at a 175+ dollar price tag. so next best thing- i decide to make them. i'm sure you know by now that i have learned absolutely nothing from my silk-screening journey and thought i could make a hat that is just as rad as the examples i showed you previously. or shewed you previously. (i'm reading jane austin right now.) but i digress. cue the music of my heart upon finding out there is a hat making class not too much more than a mile away from where i live: hands on 3rd!

so i signed up for that immediately. and insisted that both janel and debbie join me. they not-so-reluctantly agreed and off we went to make hats!

me trying to convey the appropriate angle of super-hat-in-the-making to our awesome teacher.

janel amidst a mess of hat materials.

don't let the smile fool you: i'm secretly pissed at the hat for not conforming to my wishes.

so after three classes and a couple of days afterwards swearing up and down at my hat, i present you with a close-approximation-but-not-quite-top(ish)-of-a-HAT:

i know, i think it's awesome too.

so yeah, i freakin' love it. and while it is not a top hat per se, i'm going with english riding hat. or something like that. it's victorian, all right?!?! and i love it!

more hat pr0n on the way:

and of course, i would be remiss if i didn't include janel's creation as well:

so where does this leave us with the wedding? well, not sure if the hat will make an appearance. i haven't tried it on with the most awesome dress in the world, but it's still a possibility. perhaps if time could conveniently stop or at least grow another week or two between now and the wedding, i could have time to make a second attempt on a bridal top hat. but we will have to see what happens!