Wednesday, September 1, 2010

we're back!

and we had so much fun in hawaii! we were lucky enough to visit maui and o'ahu for two glorious weeks. things we liked included but-were-not-limited-to:

the sunshine/warm weather




tahitian dancers/dancing/grass tutus

new zealand

crazy delicious pineapple marshmallows

things we did not enjoy so much for various reasons:
the average speed limit on the islands was 35 FREAKING MILES AN HOUR

hiking in and then back out of a huge volcano who's ground consistency resembles that of a beach

getting caught in sudden downpours (split decision on this one- can you guess which of us liked it?)

having to stay hydrated all the time due to the heat

so there you have it. the good outweighed the bad, obviously. and to finish this post, i give you comatose kittehs from o'ahu:

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