Thursday, June 25, 2009

securing the date aka pandering to our priest

yeah, you read that right. we had to jump through some pretty darn big hoops to get this date. (and don't get me started on the next set of hoops, which are apparently lit on fire and hanging over a pit of alligators)

so. case managed to secure a meeting time with our monseigneur only after we had to meet with weird-counselor-lady for a second time. loved us, "approved us" and we were set to meet with the monseigneur. secret to the win? me wearing a freakin' dress. i kid you not.

that strategy obviously working in our favour, i wear same magical dress to meet with the monseigneur. and decide that it's a better idea if casey talks to him instead of me, cause it's hard for me to talk around the foot that's apparently permanently lodged in my mouth. guess what? the priest applauds my deferral to him. AS IF I WOULD, p.s.

so he hands over a large folder containing the aforementioned hoops. first, we need letters from our close family members signed in front of a priest to prove that neither casey nor i have been previously married. cause we would lie about that for sure.

then we need to sign up for pre-cana for a whopping $250, get copies of our baptismal certificates, get copies of our confirmation certificates and choose our readings/vows/prayers to be used in our wedding ceremony.

then some awkwardness ensues the moment casey asks about using another priest to be our celebrant. ok, a lot of awkwardness. but says we'd have to check with that guy. then some more awkwardness and finally we get the hell out of there.

on the way home, i decide to peek through the little booklet of readings that we can choose from. each part of the mass has about eight or so readings that we can pick from, one that best suits us. well, let me enlighten you: they all suck. some of my favourites?

"when one finds a worthy wife, her value is far beyond pearls...Charm is deceptive and beauty feleting; the woman who fears the Lord is to be praised." - eek

"a woman is like a fertile vine" - wtf?!?

"Wives should be subordinate to their husbands as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of his wives should be subordinate to their husbands in everything." - ummm, pass.


yeah, so we're struggling with that particular hoop. though one shining light amidst all that anti-woman sentiment: one awesome reading that i really can't share with you because it'll spoil all the fun for the wedding. oh, a hint, you ask? it contains references to both stalking and wild animals. well you asked.

silver lining #2 - this will make whittling down which readings/vows/prayers to choose for the wedding super easy. we just have to eliminate the ones referring to women as a lesser sex. which does happen to be the majority of these readings. yay...?

we got our date!

and by date, i mean the day in which we are to be wed which, very surprising to me, was extremely difficult to nail down.

first / and let me just say duh right here / my cute-faced bridesmaid will be going to college next year, and my original plan of having a september wedding was crushed in the face of her pending education. so backing up to an august wedding. perhaps late august? that's still september, right? labour day counts!

second / the rest of my family with small childrens would not be able to make a late august wedding due to their super awesome private schools starting before labour day. and being the good parents that they are, they can't justify pulling their kids out of school for an extended period of time. *sorry kiddos i feel your pain*

so. date got pushed to august 14th of 2010. to which it has held for the past couple of months. but no, dear reader, it's not official until the priest says it is. in an official meeting and all. he needs to write it in his official planner. does he do it?*

next up, the details of...Meeting with the Monseigneur...bum bum BUM! it's very dramatic. i would advise all three of you reading this blog to be seated before viewing our next post.

*um, yeah, he did. hence the title of this post. sheesh, people, pay attention!

happy date-iversary!

not to be confused with our proposal-versary or our soon-to-be wed-iversary.

so we've been dating for eight years people. eight. years. if we were actors, we'd deserve some award for the longevity of our togetherness.

take that, renee and kenny!