Thursday, June 5, 2008

my maid of honor...let me show her to you

janel king is my maid of honor. we met her in college- casey had a class with her making a film. now we hang out a lot.

she even lived with us for a couple of years. but now she lives in anaheim.

janel has a cute cat. and four brothers and sisters, all with 'j' names.

she likes animals. she's a teacher. she teaches animals six-graders in lynwood.

janel is writing a young adult book and also does special effects makeup. halloween is always fun.

pictures from top left going clockwise:
  • casey and janel studying a map the last time we were in greece
  • taken immediately after me karate-chopping a wine glass out of her hand and onto her pants
  • janel playing dead sexy at a murder-mystery party
  • janel and me trapped in the ropes course at california adventure
  • center / the three of us at the beach aka casey is a pimp

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