Thursday, June 25, 2009

we got our date!

and by date, i mean the day in which we are to be wed which, very surprising to me, was extremely difficult to nail down.

first / and let me just say duh right here / my cute-faced bridesmaid will be going to college next year, and my original plan of having a september wedding was crushed in the face of her pending education. so backing up to an august wedding. perhaps late august? that's still september, right? labour day counts!

second / the rest of my family with small childrens would not be able to make a late august wedding due to their super awesome private schools starting before labour day. and being the good parents that they are, they can't justify pulling their kids out of school for an extended period of time. *sorry kiddos i feel your pain*

so. date got pushed to august 14th of 2010. to which it has held for the past couple of months. but no, dear reader, it's not official until the priest says it is. in an official meeting and all. he needs to write it in his official planner. does he do it?*

next up, the details of...Meeting with the Monseigneur...bum bum BUM! it's very dramatic. i would advise all three of you reading this blog to be seated before viewing our next post.

*um, yeah, he did. hence the title of this post. sheesh, people, pay attention!

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