Wednesday, June 23, 2010

what to do with the kiddies

it must be a red-letter week since you're getting two posts from me!

anywho, with regards to those nifty rsvp cards that you will be forwarding to casa wedding AND if you have children: just add the little ones on the name line but do not choose an entree for them as they will be getting a kids dinner. i believe it's chicken nuggets or something equally as appealling to the young'uns.

also! i know it's tempting, but if you are over the age of fifteen, you may not choose chicken nuggets as your meal, no matter how delicious smooshy mysterious chicken parts deep-fried in oil sounds to you. i'm talking to you, orion. must choose from the big boy menu, mmmkay?

we have had a steady trickle of rsvp envelopes find their way to us already, so keep it up, people! rah rah and all that! i might share with you that one of us squeals like a twelve year-old girl in the presence of rpatz whenever an envelope shows up in our mailbox. it may or may not be casey. i'm just sayin'.

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