Friday, February 5, 2010

i have a dress...but i can't show it to you.

so for some reason in the WIC (that's the wedding industry complex to you noobs), the bride just cannot go parading her dress for all the world to see. as my uncle puts it, "it has to be surprise". he was adamant that no one see the dress, even in pictures, especially not casey. (that did not work out, btw, and he likes the dress which is probably the most important thing about it.)

anyway. about this "surprise": 1. this is silly. 2. people ask if i have bought a dress yet and i say yes. then they ask what it looks like. why describe it when i can whip out a photo of it? 3. my whole wedding party already knows about the dress i chose, since half of them were there with me and the other half i sent the link to. 4. i will be wearing said secret dress before the wedding. casey and about half of the guests will be seeing me before the wedding. surprise nullified.

it doesn't matter one bit to me whether everyone and their cousin's boyfriend's puppy knows the dress i'm going to wear for the wedding. because there is a difference between seeing it and then seeing it on me, all done up, surrounded by the awesomeness of our venues and flowers and stuff.

a couple of friends have asked me about my dress, but then asked me to "not describe it too well, because they want to be surprised on the wedding day". *delicate cough* does that seem weird to anyone else out there? *crickets* also, how do i do that?

ok perhaps it's just me. but, to buck tradition just enough to prove i don't subscribe to the WIC without actually pissing anyone off, allow me to throw at you a sneak peek of the dress:

consider this to be it until the wedding, peeps!

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