Thursday, August 21, 2008

the BEST man

hi! casey here. just to show you that janine is not getting married by herself i figured i'd post something, so i am taking the opportunity to introduce you to my best man. this is dave bonney and i have known him since the 5th grade, so that is about 18 years now. i spent much of my time growing up hanging out at dave's house. at one point his mom might have claimed me on her taxes because that is how often i was there. they had the whole italian family thing going on so i also ate a lot of their food.

dave has 2 younger brothers and is actually related to william bonney aka "billy the kid." you might have noticed that the title of this post is "the BEST man" not "my best man"
that is because dave is the BEST. dave and i were on the wrestling team in high school and he always did well. he always placed at tournaments and went to county finals. after high school dave joined the marines and was in for that whole invasion of iraq thing and then just got back from his 2nd tour last year. he should be done and out in a few months as long as they don't decide to ship him back (i told him i would write him a note saying he did not have to go) when he does get out he is looking into becoming a cop, but not one of those jerk cops who is on a power trip, he's gonna be one of the actually trying to do some good in the world cops. so as you can see dave is out there doing all the noble hard stuff that needs to get done so that the rest of us sinners can pursue careers playing video games and so he is the BEST. so the role suits him to a t.

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