Monday, November 3, 2008

hi people we're taking tests now

so here's the deal with our church: 1. it costs money to get married there 2. we couldn't meet with our priest until we'd been registered members for more than six months 3. we couldn't meet with our priest without taking a test 4. we couldn't meet with our priest until we met with a counselor to discuss aforementioned test.

so basically, we haven't met with our priest.

but what we have done so far is take that test. a one-hour long multiple choice test that both casey and i had to take separately. no sitting next to each other, no talking, no nothing as long as we had the test in our hands.

and with what could they possibly fill an hour's worth of test? some gems include "i'm afraid of my future spouse", "my future spouse uses sex as a way to control me" and "we have discussed and agreed on how many children we're having". in this 146-question exam, the dominating topics were sex and money, though questions touched on our in-laws, religion and children. you could only answer agree, disagree and uncertain, which was beyond infuriating. so i sped through the test. and managed to beat casey by a good ten minutes. here's me waiting for casey:

what's that you say? i wasn't allowed to take pictures during the test? damn straight i wasn't. who knows, i might have tried to communicate answers via my flash or someting equally nefarious. but we're rebels and whatnot.

meeting with the counselor on november 15th. we'll let you know how that goes.

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