Wednesday, May 13, 2009

engagement pictures part II

hey, long time no blog. miss us?

not too much was happening on the wedding front, what with christmas, the rose bowl, my birthday and all sort of work craziness happening at once.


we found a great deal on engagement pictures from the ever-so-helpful weddingbee blog and hired one matthew nistor to photograph us trapeezing around pasadena. we had three (yes, we're vain, but you already knew that) costume changes and lots and lots of fun! check out the goodness below:

first of all, people, a public service announcement: we are effing models.

costume change number 2:

costume change number 3 plus best photo of the day (my opinion):

the obligatory ds shot. cause we love our ds'. and our xbox. and our ps2. not so much the 64 in casey's opinion, but it will always be my baby.

we spent two hours cavorting around oldtown pasadena and we had a blast. stay tuned for the next installment of the engagement shoot series 'we love ourselves', coming up next year. maybe we'll do a themed shoot. suggestions?

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