Tuesday, July 14, 2009

on the hunt for a reception venue/day 2.2

after leaving the WDCH, we ventured to-

location #2 at noon:

The Vibiana(source)

now, this place is snazzy. background: the vibiana was/is a catholic cathedral, scheduled to be demolished before a historical group stepped in and restored it, turning it into a venue for parties and the like. it is staggeringly beautiful- simply so so gorgeous. you know that palpable reverence you can feel when you step into a church or cathedral? well, the vibiana still has that, and it's awesome. they've also just finishing a lot of maintenance to the location, including resurfacing their floors, rebuilding their garden area to the side of the cathedral and much more.

-um, it's stunning.
-when you rent the vibiana, you're getting the entire property for your use. this includes the cathedral, the garden area, a bridal suite, a groom's suite, a kitchen area, and one large parking lot. it's a lot of space, people.
-there are confessional booths still built into the walls of the cathedral. can anyone say awesome photo ops?
-the rental period for the vibiana is 24 hours. that means you don't have to worry about another party intruding on your time, and there is plenty of time to get stuff setup and toredown.
-there's a mezzanine/balcony floor- great for wide-angle photos of the whole venue.
-i really don't know how many times i can say that this place is awesome. so i'll say it's magnificent instead. Magnificent!

con (and it's a doozy):
-it. costs. a. LOT. my inital proposal cost was well over $17,000. and that was just for rental and personel. it didn't even cover the cost of food, rentals of tables and chairs, literally everything else, etc.

so the price right there negated any chance of having our reception at that lovely place. even we if decided to forgo our church and have the ceremony at the vibiana (since it was a church to begin with) as well as the reception, it still wouldn't be worth it. unless we win the lottery in the next year, the vibiana was out.

this was a hard one, folks. i cried when i realized it wasn't feasible to have our wedding here. i moped around the apartment and swore off wedding magazines for like a good three days because of my loss. i mean, how can you hate this:

it'd be like hating puppies or rainbows!

anyways, people, we had to let this one go and keep on bigger (but not necessarily better) reception venues.

next up: location three of the day!

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