Monday, August 17, 2009

we interrupt this interruption for some celebratin'!

hey peeps- guess what last friday was? it was our -1 wedding anniversary! (yes, we have many -versaries) never one to be shy about celebrating, casey purchased some wine, cheese, crackers and tulips for our lil' party.

but just any wines did my beloved purchase- he took it upon himself to figure out which wines our future reception venue would be serving and bought a chardonnay, a pinot noir and a champagne.

we started with the chardonnay and this resulted:

fun was indeed had by all. in fact, we enjoyed it so much, we did it again on sunday with the bottle of champagne. no photos of that debauchery exists for your own protection. all in all, good weekend for celebratin'!

we now return you to your regularly scheduled interruption.

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