Tuesday, August 25, 2009

on the hunt for a reception venue/day 2.3

the third venue my family and i visited was one that i had heard from a couple of girls in my alumnae group. so-

location #3 at 2pm:
City Club(source)

we parked on the street and entered this ginormous building. after passing security, we entered this death trap called an elevator, which proceeded to shoot us up 52 floors in under ten seconds. i believe we achieved mach 1 in our journey. once clear of the elevator 'o' death, we met with our sales associate, kim. she was very nice and very thorough, giving us a great tour of the venue.

background: city club is literally a private business club on the top floor of the wells fargo building, where for a nominal fee, businesses can have lunch/dinner, rent meeting rooms, or hold conventions in one of the larger banquet halls. the fact that the building towers above the rest of los angeles provide or some killer views.

no, the center image is not an illusion. the room really does come to a singular point, making the aisle and arch a totally excellent focal point. the left image is the main part of the room and the right one shows the crazy view one gets from the top floor.

one of the great things about city club is the fact that the catering is included with the rental. in fact, kim showed us a few package deals that we could choose from that would include things like the rental of one room or two, different menu options, parking or no parking, etc. and the good thing was the packages were a good deal. a very good deal, actually. my mom was pretty impressed with them.

me, however? not so much. while the views were spectacular and the pointy-ness was awfully unique and i couldn't deny that the price was certainly right with this location...i didn't love it. i didn't love it at all, in fact. i think the top floor looked very corporate and i didn't think any amount of floral or draping artistry could hide that fact. so despite a tiny bit of pressure from my mom, i had to say no. it didn't have many tenants of my original thesis of venues- it wasn't particulary charming, rustic or dramatic, and it made me feel like i was in a hotel.

so we moved on...

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