Monday, October 12, 2009

on the hunt for a reception venue/day 2.4

the last stop of the day! plus it was in pasadena, so it simply had to be cool! on we went to-

location #4 at 3pm:
the Pasadena Civic Center

so i probably need to provide some much needed background for this particular location. as i regularly peruse, the pasadena gold room came up in one of the postings. and i fell in love.

where have you been all my life!?!?

the hardwood floor, soft lighting, and check out the ceiling!! so yeah, i saw this and called the pasadena civic center immediately. and spoke to a lady about said room of wonder. i'm going to call her carolynn (it's not her real name). she unfortunately told me that the capacity for this particular room was only for 100, but that she had some new rooms being constructed and would i like to visit those? my answer was of course! if that room was any indication, then i would be in love with just about anything that came out of the civic center.
i think you can guess what happened when we actually visited. we arrived at our apointment time only to have to wait for half an hour because carolynn was late. when she finally did arrive, she told me i was pretty and then ushered us into a small conference room to go over rates, packages, etc. carolynn is a bubbly, hyper-active and tiny little Asian woman with a killer fashion sense. she talked a mile a minute- how great it was that i was seeing the venue with my parents, how quiet i was, how nice everyone else was. i might add that not once did she talk or even look at casey, except to tell him how pretty i was. i did inquire about looking at the gold room, but carolynn managed to talk us out of it, saying that since we wouldn't be able to fit there anyways, what was the point of going?

then she handed out our hard hats. i might add that the additional rooms were under construction, so hard hats were neccesary. after telling me how pretty i looked with the hard hat on, she led us to the construction area.
at this point, my mom and frank and taken to fits of laughter every time carolynn opened her mouth. they casually drifted to the back of the group and fell quite behind, no doubt gossiping on my continuing misery. this woman did not stop talking the whole time. i was trying to keep an interested look on my face the whole time, but it was a losing battle. casey bravely kept up with me, despite carolynn acting like he wasn't there the whole time. once we got to the room, we were even more disapointed: it was a freaking banquet hall! complete with foldaway walls so we could choose the space we wanted + super ugly carpet and florescent lighting. as soon as we walked in, mom and frank lost interest and took to wandering around whilst i had to endure a twenty minute lecture on the value of the room and all the perks we get. after telling carolynn for the third time that we had to leave for another appointment, we finally exited said sorry building. mom and frank handed their hats to carolynn and took off for the car, leaving me with say our goodbyes. i tried to extrapolate myself from her clutches as quickly as i could, but not before she told me how pretty i was two more times.

as soon as i entered the car, we all erupted into laughter. it was a disasterous way to end our day of venue searching, but at the very least there was no argument about whether or not to hold the reception there. even if we were able to score the gold room somehow, i'm not sure it's worth it to go through carolynn again. we still tease each other about it to this day.

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