Wednesday, October 28, 2009

on the hunt for a reception venue/day 3.1 3.2

(we are still knee deep in interruptions here, people.)

four months later, we revisit our search for the reception venue. mom and frank visit yet again and we take them so a couple places that i just love love love. so, without further ado:

location #1 at 1pm:
the SmogShoppe

first of all, love this! so pretty, so neat, so eco-friendly (they are LEED certified). The place used to be an actual smog-check center, but is now a special-events place. it has solar panels, vertical gardens, desert plants- it's awesome. look how awesome it is:

pros: awesome/fancy and would be a real interesting conversational piece at the reception. i mean, who has their reception at a reinvented smog-check center? no one! more pros: has a screen at one end of the room, has a dj station, led lights, some rocking bathrooms- it's just cute and kitchsy and awesome. (awesome count: 3)

cons: the kitchen is outside, pretty much right next to the open room where we'd be eating. so clean up and cooking would be exposed to all the guests. also. it's freaking expensive and they charge extra for little things, like the use of said kitchen. also they require a valet, so more cash.

the 'rents pretty much hated it. so the site manager, jeff, assured us that we'd like the sister site, the marvimon, much more than the smogshoppe. so off we went to:

location #2 at 2pm:

the Marvimon

well, jeff was right. i loved this place so much more than smogshoppe. it's more intimate, more warm, freakin' brick and wood all over the place. le sigh. i was in heaven. to overuse the word, it was awesome (4). so full of potential. so, basically all the same pros as the smogshoppe and some interesting cons: the kitchen is right in the middle of the floor, so if we hired caterers, they'd be in the middle of everything. take a look.

casey was really not a fan of that. and as suspected, the moms hated it. so i was outvoted. but look at how neat it is! there is a goat's head on the wall, for pete's sake!

so this was a hard one, too folks. but never, fear, we did finally choose a reception locale. and it's the very next post!*

*maybe. there might be more interruptions. you never know with us.

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Matt said...

Every time I read one of these, it reconfirms our choice to not consult anybody about anything.