Wednesday, February 17, 2010

omg shoes!

so. shoes have been presenting a tiny problem in that i want purple shoes. a certain shade of purple, with some bling on it and not giant heels, since casey and i are almost the same height and i will not tower over my own husband-to-be on our wedding day. that's not to say that i don't have trouble walking in heels over 3 inches. because i do.

case-in-point: excellent colour, but the 4-inch heels = deal breaker

the moms has been diligently searching for shoes for me, with some mixed results. some shoes were too high, some were fuzzy (i will not wear fuzzy shoes if i can help it. also, the wedding is in august), and some were just not the right colour. colour seemed to be the biggest factor, as i am picky in my choices of purple, as mentioned above. the closest we've gotten to finding the shoes are these babies from nine west:

super cute, right? not crazy about the colour, though. and since i haven't seen them in person, can make no guesses on how i'd be able to handle the 3 3/4" heel. also didn't want to wear heels that tall, as you already know.

so. major dilemma here. that is, until janel and i decided to walk to a nearby bridesmaid dress store that we promptly walked out of (she refused to try on any ANY! of the dresses, despite the fact they looked like they were designed for cracked-out high schoolers trolling the streets) and right past this vintage store. upset with our futile efforts of dress shopping, we walked inside upon where we discovered MY FREAKING SHOES:

(personal rad photo)

yeah we saw those and i thought, 'oh they won't be my size'. GUESS WHAT!?!

done and done. purchased by the best moh evar, janel!

omg shoes

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