Friday, March 12, 2010

as promised, the post about our coordinator

it seems strange, i know, but please take my word for it that our coordinator, nancy park, is awesome. i have seen it firsthand. as has casey. and janel, for that matter. three out of three janine/casey/janels agree: she is awesome.

but i get ahead of myself. let me share with you why we hired her. ready?




she. likes. robots.


yes, i know what you're thinking: who in their right minds would hire someone based solely on their penchant for robots? the answer: we would! how utterly steampunk and neat and somehow a lot like us. did i mention she was wearing a robot necklace when we first met? yeah, it was meant to be.

yes, she's qualified and has had plenty of experience. yep, she has an eye for detail and also for crafting. case-in-point- she gocco'd her own invitations, programs and favour envelopes! AND she quills paper! take a look!!

p.s. gocco = just like silk-screening except much smaller area to work with and much much easier!
p.p.s. quilling = awesome magic with thin strips of paper. seriously, take a look!

so all of that was just icing on the cake (heehee) but we really really like her.

she sends updated wedding lists for us to cross off projects we've completed. she introduced us to our florist, and then in the meeting with him made sure that we were getting exactly what we wanted. she offered to call a potential engagement shoot location for us just because she thought it would be a great location. she knows and therefore will get along with our rad photographer. and she knew who our videography team was despite them being from san diego and not really mainstream yet.

we are so happi (lord, i'm on fire today) to have nancy as our coordinator.

check out some cute pictures of nancy here!


nancy {So Happi Together} said...

ACK! You two are the sweetest and this is definitely the most unique wedding website/blog... and SO YOU! Thank you for loving my love for robots. They do rock. As do you!

I Just Want Some Pants said...

thanks nancy! we love that you love it too!!