Thursday, March 18, 2010

if you're looking for a hotel in the area...

then you can just look right over here

or maybe a little bit down from over there, keep going, yep below that goofy picture of any case, you will see a link for the Marriott Residence Inn LAX/El Segundo in the left hand column of this little ol' blog. we blocked rooms here for you to stay in during our wedding weekend. there are a few rules, though, so i'm going to walk you through them.
  • the dates with the shiny 'n' special wedding room rate are only for friday, august 13th and saturday, august 14th. if you want to say longer, you have to make a separate reservation, which you can do through the marriott main website (top link) or you can call them. i was told that if it was for one extra day or so, they might extend the wedding rate for that, so it might behoove you to call if you are thinking of adding just one extra day
  • there are four links to the left, one for the marriott main site and three others describing a specific room type
  1. studio: has one king-sized bed and one sofa bed; has a living/sitting area as well as a dining area and kitchen
  2. one-bedroom: has one queen-sized bed and one sofa bed; bedroom is separate from the living room/kitchen
  3. two-bedroom: has two queen-sized beds and one sofa bed; bedrooms are separate from the living room/kitchen
  • clicking on whichever room type you are interested in will take you to that reservation page for that room type only.
  • there are a limited number of rooms allotted to us at the wedding rate. if you find that you cannot book a specific room any longer please contact me (janine) and i can call the marriott and get a couple of extra rooms assigned to us.
hopefully this is easy enough to follow! let me know if you have any questions, need more rooms, etc. and we'll see you in august!

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